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Track by jeep

Jeep Adventure, Historical Track by jeep (without driver) in Normandy


Who has ever dreamed of driving this iconic vehicle? Jeep Adventure gives you the opportunity to live a unique experience!

By yourself, with friends or with your family, come and take the controls of the emblematic jeep of 1944 and discover the mythical places of the D-Day landings.

After a training session with an experienced driver, you’ll set off on an adventure and discover the historic sites hidden in Normandy in complete freedom.

Your Jeep Adventure experience will begin with this training. Just like the GI’s in 1944, you’ll complete your training in the Jeep. Upon completion of your training and mission, you will be licensed as a Jeep driver and receive your own diploma certifying your new qualification

How does it work ?

Jeep Adventure allows you to live your own Jeep driving experience.
*Must have a European driver’s license (Type B) of more than 3 years

Duration of the activity :
Half day from 1pm to 6pm
Full day from 9am to 6pm

Number of driver : 1 person
Number of passengers : From 1 to 3 people

When you arrive at Jeep Adventure, you will be given a discovery booklet. This booklet will follow you throughout your adventure and will be your bible to help you make the most of your adventure.
Your adventure will include an introduction to the Jeep and a one-hour training session with an experienced driver. The trainer will introduce you to the vehicle’s operation and the important things you need to know to ensure the safety of driver and passengers.

After this training, you will be able to go on an adventure in complete autonomy on the roads of Normandy, to discover the history of the D-Day landings and the battles of Normandy. We will however remain at your entire disposal during your adventure.


Your experience on the roads of Normandy !

Normandy Adventure Map – here is the historical area in which you can walk independently. Google Maps. Adventure Zone. be aware ! The enemy can hide behind the hedgerows

During your adventure you will have to respect the limits of an adventure zone.

The jeep being an old vehicle, it can be capricious. The respect of the adventure zone allows us to help you as quickly as possible.

In order to make you enjoy your stay and rental with Jeep Adventure, we will propose a set of circuits that you can follow. These tours will include activities such as visits of museums (included in your rental price) as well as the discovery of monuments and historical places.

The details of these tours will be specified in your adventure booklet given at the beginning of your day.

Not everyone can discover the emblematic sites of the D-Day landings in a real jeep! Enjoy a visit in complete autonomy, along the historical roads and paths. Live the true adventure of the Normandy experience!

Museums at the heart of your discovery!

It is essential for us to make you discover the emblematic museums that dot our region and make you dive into the heart of our history! The day of your booking, the adventure booklet will give you free access to the Airborne Museum of Sainte-Mère-Eglise (for the Half-day activity), the D-Day Experience of Sainte-Côme-du-Mont or the D-Day Museum of Utah Beach* (for the full-day activity).

*Please note that the museums can be visited free of charge only on the day of the reservation of the jeep. 

Rates and booking :

The historical tour by Jeep (without driver) is offered from 395 euros (for 4 people maximum).

Contact us as soon as possible to know our full and half day rates and to proceed with the booking.