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D-Day Landing Museum of Utah Beach

Credits : Vincent Fillon, Julien Galataud, Utah Beach Museum

The D-Day Museum at Utah Beach is built on the very spot where American troops landed on June 6, 1944 in Normandy. It relates in ten sequences the events of D-Day, from its preparation to its success. Thanks to this complete chronological tour, plunge into the history of the D-Day landings and discover a rich collection.

An impressive and moving collection …

The Utah Beach Museum boasts an impressive collection of objects, testimonies, and emblematic vehicles such as the Alligator LVT, the DUKW, or the Jeep. Visiting the Utah Beach Museum will also allow you to admire an authentic B26 bomber, an exceptional aircraft of which only a few remain in the world, as well as a real D-Day landing craft.

The 12-minute film “Victory in the Sand” allows you to dive into the heart of D-Day at Utah Beach, and to relive the epic of the American soldiers.

By leaving the site, you will not only have understood the strategic choice and the reasons for the success at Utah Beach but you will also have contributed to the preservation and transmission of the memory of these extraordinary men.


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